“ Tramontina exists to develop, produce and distribute high-quality products that improve people’s life. So, the company creates value for its customers, employers, associates and communities in which it acts.”


  • Customer’s satisfaction
  • Transparency
  • Work
  • Leadership
  • People’s consideration
  • Dedication

Diversity is our soul:

Tramontina invites you to learn some more about its history, as a brazilian company since 1911. Innovation, design, technology and most important, human resources are the very foundations of this company. From Tramontina’s point of view, people are the most valuable resources. Therefore, it aims for the professional enrichment of its staff, counting more than 6800 employees. Diversity and respect for individual differences are flagship of the long-time established brand, known for its 18.000 products. The promotion of social and environmental awareness are guidance features of the ten production units, highly concerned with safety and life quality of the surrounding communities. This brand won the Brasilians’ heart and is now present in more than 120 countries all over the world.  To respect each of these cultural identities is a major principle of Tramontina’s business, fusing its own values with local traditions in order to achieve a graceful and coherent organisation environment, in each production unit in Brazil and all over the world.  To reach these high standards for a company is only possible thanks to the support and cooperation of partners sharing the same goal of customers satisfaction. From the very beginning of its journey, Tramontina put trust in its collaborators, and gradually received back a great trust which led to valuable partnerships and rapid growth in the market. All this is Tramontina. The values of trust, respect and cooperation regulate every negotiation with positive results for the involved companies and also for customers and consumers: Tramontina believes in this kind of relationships.

De Quem è o prazer de fazer bonito. From whom comes the pleasure of doing well

To invest in machinery and cutting-edge product lines, create new products, reaching the first line in design, innovate, putting the customers satisfaction in the first place. For many companies, these are big ideas for competition and development, but for Tramontina they are just the beginning, striving for much higher goals: the magic, the inspiration for a life that is more simple and practical, the attention for turning a day into a good day. These goals are best expressed by what we call today Tramontina’s top concept: the pleasure to do well. To do well handcrafted products, with care and passion, everyday. Products that charm at first glance, expressing quality and reliability to the touch. To do well is more than satisfying the customer’s demands. It is also to surprise him with ideas and possibilities that he desires, yet not always tells. Tramontina satisfies beyond expectations. Few is more gratifying than to see our own effort making the difference, improving homes and lives. Our ideal is to share with the customer the pleasure to do well. To provide the right tools to make every moment of the day more special: the moment of preparing a surprising meal, the moment to rethink of a decoration and the room’s or garden’s furniture, the moment to work more comfortably and safely. The pleasure to do well is of Tramontina, but should also be of those who use our products to realise their own dreams and the dreams of their friends and family. It is a privilege to be at the customer’s side in such important moments. To fulfil this ideal, not only cutting-edge technology and innovative design are essential, but so are the people involved in the mission to offer always the very best. For our staff, to do well means work with accuracy, dedication and passion, always trying to learn. For our clients, to do well means  serving the customer with quality and attention, helping for the best choices. For our providers and partners, to do well means to understand, adopt and strengthen the values that are the essence of our brand. For we all together, to do well is what makes us Tramontina.

Clovis Tramontina (CEO)

Joselino Gusso (VP)

Visit Tramontina’s official website at: www.tramontina.com.br