Hello everybody! Boys and girls, ladies and gents: this is for all of you willing to start your own adventure in the world of cooking. For all the first-timers in the kitchen who want to emulate a grand chef, to cook a dinner for friends and family, or just to impress a girl… For the professionals, who put all their passion and dedication in the meals served in their restaurants. For the many mums and dads, cooking with love every day for their children.
We, at The Oak, wish to be with you and support you in these special moments, and offer you the best products of Tramontina, a brazilian leader brand in cookware and cooking tools production, now coming back to Italy. The origins of its founder, Valentin Tramontina, are indeed Italian: the ‘Bel Paese’ is the land of taste, of a worldwide envied cookery, because yes..in Italy we eat fine! And we are all aware of how important it is to do it healthy: for this reason, the care for the tools we use from the very beginning throughout our whole cooking experience is crucial. When prepared with high-quality cookware, food looks better, tastes better, and preserves its important nutrients that we need to assimilate in order to face our everyday life with full health and vitality. Moreover, thanks to a well distributed heath on the bottom of pans and pots we can spare energy and grant our meals a uniform cooking. These are small details that we like to value at The Oak, because as the famous philosopher Feuerbach stated: “We are what we eat”. We know that food affects not only our body, but also our mind and spirit: so we truly believe that when we eat well we are well, and we can give our best!
As you can realize, The Oak is a young but well-grounded company, led by the strong concepts we put in every challenge.
All we have to say to you now is… THRILL YOURSELF IN YOUR KITCHEN!

The Oak starts in 2014 with the opening ceremony in Piacenza of the first store in Italy, and we can proudly say..we are the first store in whole Europe!